Like a boss.

New chevron wallpaper on the blog! download » VIVA! #barbarianbabe #vivachevroncase

Inspired by my case yet again. This try got a little goopy but I like it. #barbarianbabe

Inspired by California and how magical things can grow here. 

Inspired by my @peetscoffee today I guess! Ha. New tribal in the works! #barbarianbabe

Something majestic about banana leaves. 

Secret garden #barbarianbabe @ifneedb

We all die. Before we do let’s have a great time together. 

NEW floral - Secret Garden - to download and shop #barbarianbabe

I’ve heard a lot of successful people cite LUCK as their reason for makin it. While that may be true to some degree, I’m certain they wouldn’t have gotten that luck without putting in the work.

This quote is my charming way of telling the world to put in the work and a leprechaun may smile upon you one day.

Inspired by my case. Ha. #nailart #barbarianbabe

I’ve been makin’ my own ginger beer lately. It’s really quite easy and fun to make. If you’d like to also have fun, you can check out my ginger-beer-makin wisdom here:

On le weblog - my ginger beer recipe. So easy to make you can make it in slightly drunk mode. Heh is there any other way to chef? #barbarianbabe

It is always en vogue to rock purple pants and a badass attitude. Good frickin day to you all. #unleashedleopardcase #barbarianbabe @ifneedb

Feather lovers for always. #radiantfeatherscase #barbarianbabe @ifneedb