Painting daily and loving it. #barbarianbabe #prolific50

New feathers download on the blog in case you missed it. #barbarianbabe

#iPhone6 cases ship Monday!

"Line Dance" 5x7 watercolor - thinking of all the dancing I’ll do this weekend at a wedding :) Line dancing is not my favorite kind of dancing but any stepping around with friends and family is a good kind of stepping.

Just added to the shop! And available as a preorder for #iphone6 - ships 9/29 #barbarianbabe #indiansummerfeathercase

"Muertos" is back and on sale for a limited time and in limited quantities! No code needed. #barbarianbabe #muertosskullcase


Get #unleashedleopardcase before she disappears! Meow. #barbarianbabe

Feeling a little blurry. #barbarianbabe #peacockcase

Painted a moody lady for today. She’s called “Irish Cream”. 

Past daily paintings:

For the next 48 hours get 30% off and get your pretty paws all over a new case - punch in code “30FLASH” at checkout. Happy Friday! #barbarianbabe

Have a super pretty weekend! Get out and sniff the flowers. I’m going to Big Sur tomorrow and I’m psyched about it - to smell the ocean air and see all the naturey stuff that abounds. Btw this is today’s daily painting - if yer interested it’s available to purchase. Message me! #barbarianbabe

Download this one this week! On the blog just for you. No one else. #dashaztectribalcase #barbarianbabe

Dash Aztec as a case! Anyone excited for the iPhone 6? Harder, better, faster, stronger. Something like that! #barbarianbabe #iphone6