Sing it. Praise lorde geezus holla lu ya. 

Bad vibes not allowed.

This here wallpaper is up on the blog ready for you to download > #barbarianbabe

Naked ladies aka amaryllis belladonna. All plant parts are poison.

Watch me paint!

I love ikat.

My funky new chevron #vivachevroncase ⚡️download the wallpaper on the blog #barbarianbabe

Like a boss.

New chevron wallpaper on the blog! download » VIVA! #barbarianbabe #vivachevroncase

Inspired by my case yet again. This try got a little goopy but I like it. #barbarianbabe

Inspired by California and how magical things can grow here. 

Inspired by my @peetscoffee today I guess! Ha. New tribal in the works! #barbarianbabe

Something majestic about banana leaves. 

Secret garden #barbarianbabe @ifneedb